TurnitinUK: Plagiarism Detection Software

What is TurnitinUK? 

It’s software that may be used by lecturers to check your work for plagiarism.Your tutors may create a TurnitinUK assignment on a StudyZone module site and you may have to submit your assignment through it.

You can also check your own work by accessing the TurnitinUK assignment Check My Work within the Help and Resources area of your Electronic Personal Development Portfolio (ePDP) or in the StudyZone Student Support site.

 What will it do? 

The software checks your work against sources on the Internet and documents stored on the TurnitinUK database. The software keeps a copy of your work for the sole purpose of checking against future submissions by others.

Visit JISCpac site for more information.

Who will have access to my work?

Your module tutor and any other staff who have the responsibility of assessing you. Other Roehampton staff will be able to view your work if work submitted in one module is found to have similarities with work submitted on another module. Requests may be made to view an anonymised copy of your work by other institutions subscribing to the software if they suspect plagiarism. 

Will this be final proof that I have plagiarised?

No: if similarities are found between your work and any other work, your tutor will base any decisions on whether you have plagiarised on University regulations to determine whether you should be penalised and whether further action should be taken.

How to submit a paper to check for plagiarism?

Read the appropriate section of the ‘How to…guide’; you’ll find clear instructions on how to use the software. Instructions and demo videos on how to make a submission and view an originality report are also available on the StudyZone Student Support site as well as the ePDP.

If you do need further help or assistance with using TurnitinUK you can pop into the ground floor of the LRC and speak to a StudyZone adviser.


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