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How to access resources

You can search for the resources you want using the subject guide, electronic journals finder or online resources pages

Many of our electronic resources use Shibboleth or Federated Access to authenticate that you are entitled to use them. This system applies to both students and staff. You need to know your Roehampton network login and to keep this up to date. Look for the logo to see which resources can be accessed in this way. 

Getting access to online resources through MyZone

A few resources use Athens to authenticate users. If you have already logged into MyZone, you can link to Athens to see a list of these resources. See a demonstration

Athens login

If you can't log into Myzone because you are not a student

Try using the Shibboleth or Institutional login if the resource has this. If you cannot log in this way, ask in the Library for a staff Athens account.

What is Athens?

Athens is an authentication system which allows you to use the same username and password to access several different online resources produced by different organisations. Athens is an independent organisation and does not provide online resources itself. 

Help with passwords

I don't know/have lost my network password
If you don't know your university network account details, please come to the IT helpdesk, and show your ID card. Staff can then issue your network username and password. If you are a distance learner who does not come to the university campus, please contact us by phone or e-mail (see below)

My login works with some online resources and not others
Please note that some online resources require specific passwords..Library staff are happy to issue the relevant passwords to registered Roehampton staff and students

I require further assistance
Please contact the Library
020 8392 3251


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