APA style of referencing

In text Citations

APA style uses the author(s) and date of publication when you are paraphrasing, quoting or referring to another person’s ideas in the course of your own work. These should appear in brackets separated by a comma.


Recent evidence suggests that …. (Harvey, 2006)

All works cited in an assignment should be fully referenced in a reference list at the end of a piece of work. These should be in alphabetical order according to the author. The list below gives examples of the APA style for different types of material


Northedge, A.  (2005). The Good Study Guide. (2nd ed.). Milton Keynes: Open University.

Book with more than one author

Cohen, L., Manion, L., & Morrison, K.  (2007) Research Methods in Education. (6th ed.). London: Routledge.

If a book has more than seven authors, include the surname and initials of the first six, then use et al. to indicate the remaining authors.

Chapter in a book

Dovey, J. (2001).  Reality TV. In G. Creeber, T. Miller, & J. Tulloch (Eds). The Television Genre Book (pp.35-47). London: British Film Institute.

Journal article

Black, S. (2003). Harry Potter: A Magical Prescription for Just About Anyone.  Journal of Adolescent and Adult Literacy.  46(7),  4.

Newspaper article

Shepherd, J. (2007, August 21).  Smoothie transition: is it really goodbye to the student union bar and hello to mango energisers and campus gyms?  The Guardian, p.6.


Myrick, D., & Sanchez, E. (Directors). (1999). Blair Witch Project.  United States: Artisan        Entertainment.

TV programme

Bell, V. (Executive Producer). (2005).   Child of Our Time. London: BBC.

Web page

Taylor, M. (2007).  Cite References.  Retrieved April 17,  2008, from  http://library.open.ac.uk/help/howto/citeref/index.cfm&

Unpublished thesis

Thiel, E. (2006).  The Fantasy of Family : Nineteenth-Century Children's Literature and the Myth of the Domestic Ideal.  Unpublished PhD thesis, Roehampton University, London.

Government publication

Department for Education and Employment. (1999). The National Curriculum Handbook for Primary Teachers in England Key Stages 1 and  2. London: The Stationery Office.

Conference paper

Grenfell, M., & Harris, V. (2006) Strategy use of bilingual learners: A research agenda: British Educational Research Association Annual Conference. University of Warwick 6-9th September


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