National Froebel Foundation Archive

The National Froebel Foundation Archive comprises a unique historical record of the Froebel movement in the UK. The Froebel Society [for the Promotion of the Kindergarten System] was founded in 1874 in order to provide courses of training for kindergarten teachers and a recognition and inspection facility for kindergartens. In 1887 The Society created a separate body, the National Froebel Union in order to validate examinations and set standards for the Froebel Teacher's Certificate. In 1938 the two bodies were combined to form the National Froebel Foundation, which continued to perform some of the functions of its parent bodies. In 1975 the NFF was formally dissolved, though a board of Trustees continues to ensure allocation of its residual assets in accordance with its charitable objectives. 

Little has been added to the Archive since then, as its primary value is in its early handwritten material, comprising mainly Minutes of meetings and ledgers recording students and their certification

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