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Programme Details 2015-2016

BSc Single Honours
Roehampton University Business School

PROGRAMME CONVENER(S): Dr Miral Metawie, 020 8392 3858,

For further information please contact the Department Administrators: Beverley Woodbridge (level 4 students), 020 8392 3440,, or Thomas Barbanneau (level 5 & level 6 students), 020 8392 3440,

LOCATION: The modules in this programme are taught at the Roehampton Lane (Southlands College) campus unless otherwise stated.

AIMS: This programme aims to:

  • meet the need for adaptive, adaptable graduates with the ability to manage change;
  • empower students from a variety of educational backgrounds to fulfil their academic potential;
  • provide a wide number of core and elective modules equipping students with necessary skills, knowledge and understanding for a wide range of careers, including employment in business organisations or self-employment;
  • develop students’ personal and interpersonal transferable skills;
  • provide students with opportunities for continuing intellectual development;
  • provide an academic basis for further study including that of business and management at graduate level and/or graduate training.

LEARNING OUTCOMES: Students who successfully complete the programme will:

  • have a knowledge and understanding of the external and internal business environments;
  • demonstrate analytical skill through the identification, selection and interpretation of complex data;
  • be able to describe, analyse, synthesise, evaluate and apply theoretical models underpinning key business and management decision making processes in an international context;
  • show an understanding of organisational decision-making and have developed problem-solving skills;
  • be able to use relevant research and problem-solving skills through a variety of organisation based projects;
  • be able to identify and raise new, challenging issues in written, numerical and oral work acknowledging ethical considerations;
  • have enhanced interpersonal skills e.g. building relationships, maximising individual strengths, negotiating individual contributions to a group task to allow the pursuit of group goals and to foster individual and group effectiveness;
  • be computer literate and appreciate the use of IT applications, including e-learning, in the organization;
  • have effective intellectual autonomy, initiative and self-competence in learning situations;
  • have developed relevant personal transferable skills e.g. oral, written, analytical, problem-solving and time management skills applicable to a range of job opportunities including self-employment;
  • appreciate the importance of enterprise and entrepreneurial activity in both commercial and not-for-profit organizations;
  • have gained a broad grounding across a number of subject specialisms to enable entry into postgraduate study and/or vocational training in relevant areas.


Compulsory and Required modules
The list of compulsory and required modules may change when we review and update programmes. Below is a list of the compulsory and required modules currently offered.

Optional modules
Not all optional modules will necessarily be offered in any one year. Below is a list of modules which have been offered in the past.


Compulsory modules
#BUS020X682S - Contemporary Case Studies in Human Resource Management
#BUS020X683 - Employment Law and Relations

Optional modules
BUS020X622Y - Ethics, Organisations and Society
¬BUS020X623 - Management Information Systems
BUS020X630Y - Business Project
BUS020X633Y - Corporate Strategy
BUS020X634Y - Managing Change & Innovation
BUS020X640Y - Capital Markets & Investment
BUS020X641Y - Economics & Government
BUS020X642Y - Corporate Finance
BUS020X643A - Advanced Financial Accounting
BUS020X644 - Corporate Collapse
BUS020X654A - Digital Marketing
BUS020X652S - Cross Cultural Management
BUS020X657Y - Graduate Enterprise
BUS020X660A - International Marketing
BUS020X662Y - Applied Marketing Communications
BUS020X670A - Retail Theory and Practice
BUS020X671S - Retail Issues and Applications

Additional module
This module can only be taken with permission from the Programme Convener:
BUS040X631Y - Business Dissertation

Work Placement module
This module aims to enhance students’ work-related skills and knowledge and thereby improve their employability. It can only be taken following agreement from the Programme Convener and is not available to students at enrolment.
BUS020X621Y - Work Placement

Independent Study module
This module will only be available to students who have too few credits to progress/graduate during the academic year and are too late to register for conventionally taught modules. It cannot be selected as part of a normal programme of study at the beginning of the academic year and requires the Programme Convener's approval.
BUS020X620A or S or Y - Independent Study: Report

Module annotations:
# - compulsory module (must be passed)
~ - required module (must be taken)
¬ module not available in 2014-2015.

a) Each module code consists of a three-letter module prefix denoting the programme it belongs to (eg BSS020C103Y = Biosciences), the following three digits refer to its credit value (eg BSS020C103Y = 20 credits), the single letter in the middle (eg BSS020C103Y) denotes the module level (eg C = Level 4, N = Level 5, X = Level 6), the last three digits denote its unique number (eg BSS020C103Y), and the final letter denotes its suffix (eg BSS020C103Y). The suffixes indicate the following: A - Autumn term, S - Spring term, H – Summer term/Summer intensive mode and Y - All year.

b) Individual module details can be viewed by clicking on each module code or using the "View all modules" link below for a complete list of module assessments and descriptions. Where an assessment has more than one component all elements must be passed, unless individual module assessment details state otherwise.

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