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UK Borders Agency On-line appointments

A message from the United Kingdom Border Agency:


There have been instances of customers using the on-line appointment booking facility incorrectly, which has caused difficulty for customers and Public Enquiry Offices (PEOs).

This letter highlights the common mistakes and clarifies best practice.  Adherence to this guidance will assist PEOs to continue to deliver a high level of customer service.  Please cascade this message to your current and prospective employees and students. 

(1) Booking Premium Appointment Slots for Postal Enrolments

Some customers have booked premium appointment slots when they have submitted a postal appointment and are required only to enrol their biometrics.

The on-line booking facility can be used to book:

(a) A premium appointment, which involves the applicant enrolling his or her biometrics and receiving a decision on his or her application.

(b) An appointment to enrol biometrics following submission of a postal application.

It is important that a customer books the correct appointment for their circumstances.  The customer will be given the options shown below.  Those wishing to book a premium appointment should select the option 'I am applying in person'. Those who have submitted a postal application and are required to enrol their biometrics only, should select the option, 'I have applied by post'


I AM APPLYING IN PERSON: Register here to book a Premium Appointment (please refer to the section on applying in person before you book a premium appointment - you must make sure your appointment is before your current leave expires).


I HAVE APPLIED BY POST: Register here if you have submitted a postal application and have received a letter from the UK Border Agency inviting you to book an appointment to enrol your biometrics


(2) Family slots taken by groups of non-family members

Family appointment slots have been taken by groups of unrelated individuals.  Family appointment slots must be used only by those applying as a family unit under one application.  Groups of students or employees applying under separate applications must not take a family appointment slot.  A group of students or employees, living at the same address, lodging separate applications, must make separate individual appointments for a premium appointment or to enrol their biometrics for a postal application.

Where groups of non-family members attend having booked a family appointment slot, they will be advised that they must rebook their appointment for a later date.

(3) Multiple family slots taken by one family

When booking for a family, the appointment must be made in one slot designated to accommodate all family members.  It is not possible to enrol a family of six at two separate "family of three" slots.

(4) Booking multiple appointments for the same day at various locations

For premium appointments, some single customers have booked multiple appointment slots at various locations.   Customers are required to make only one appointment at one location. We ask that customers contact our call centre on 0300 123 8895 to cancel any unwanted appointments

This will assist PEOs to manage appointment demand effectively, particularly during busier periods. 


Story Dated: Friday 19 November 2010

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